Mihai Iorga

Mihai Iorga

Software developer

I develop stuff, mainly in PHP, Python & JavaScript. Love to create Websites, Server and Desktop softwares.


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Mihai Iorga


[mihai (at) iorga (dot) eu]

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Work Experience

  • Security Engineer - eMag - Bucharest, Romania

  • Software developer - eMag - Bucharest, Romania

    - Development of internal applications
    - Development of mobile push notifications application
    - Development of mobile API application
    - Development of website and mobile API backend
    - Working with Symfony, Silex, RabbitMQ, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, Supervisor, jQuery, CFX (Firefox Addons), Doctrine, PHPUnit
    - Fast team integration
    - Used Agile methodology with JIRA and Confluence
    - Write clean and maintainable code

  • Software developer - VelTravel - Bucharest, Romania

    - Full development of www.veltravel.ro website (front-end and back-end)
    - Integration of multiple online booking API's
    - Development of internal applications to automatically combine travel data (hotels, destinations, poi)
    - Strong HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, Javascript, Unix skills
    - Working with jQuery, Smarty, REST Api's, SOAP, XML, Codeigniter
    - Custom data cache, CDN and assets minimization systems
    - Development of online payments with PayU
    - Full database management
    - Implementing new ideas

  • Software developer - Perfect Tour - Bucharest, Romania

    - Development of internal applications (Newsletter designer, Exclusive card generators, contract generators, data management, customer loyalty, insurance API's)
    - Development of www.perfect-tour.ro with custom framework
    - Strong HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, Javascript, Unix and Windows Servers
    - Working with Script.aculo.us, jQuery, Visual Tortoise SVN, Smarty, SOAP, REST API's, XML API's
    - Employee management - back-end administration
    - Website network management
    - Optimizing applications and servers
    - Programming paper folder to cut and fold brochures automatically
    - Client support system

  • Software developer - PHG - Bucharest, Romania

    - Full re-development of video-sharing website (2extremeboom.phg.ro) with custom self made framework
    - Working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, FFMpeg, Unix and Windows servers
    - Video database management and servers balance
    - Implement new upload and share technologies
    - Working with Smarty, Script.aculos.us

  • Software developer - Freelancer - Six Flags over Georgia - Georgia, US

    - Development of internal park management
    - Security cameras, servers and work stations visual application with notifications
    - Park ticket generators
    - Employee schedule management (Work days, holidays, vacation days)
    - Strong HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Javascript skills
    - Working with Script.aculo.us, Visual Tortoise SVN
    - Custom self made framework

  • Software developer - Dexternet - Targu Jiu, Romania

    - Development of full gaming websites and mods (MMORPG games like MuOnline and Lineage 2, FPS games like Counter-Strike)
    - Development of internal management tools (Games data generators - in game quests, NPC configurations including item drop rate and monster spawn rate + skills)
    - Development of new custom quests for Lineage 2 (Assembler)
    - Strong PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, Ajax, Linux skills
    - Analytical skills
    - Development of parking system (payment and receipt printing)
    - Development of online payments solutions (ePayment, PayPal, PagSeguro)
    - Development of back-end selling applications for xerox shops and patisserie shops ( Front-end for employees and back-end for reports and data management)
    - Working with Script.aculo.us, Visual Tortoise SVN
    - Custom self made framework
    - Network management
    - Dental clinic application
    - City hall websites

  • Software developer - Freelancer

    - Development of IRC scripts (automated bots: trivia, AI)
    - Development of various websites (Greeting cards, online audio stream, online radio stream, poetry, social websites)
    - Working with HTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP

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