Mihai Iorga

Mihai Iorga


I develop stuff, mainly in PHP. Love to create Websites, Server and Desktop softwares.

[mihai (at) iorga (dot) eu]

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Mihai Iorga


Mihai Iorga


Work Experience

  • PHP Developer - eMag

    Development of in-house applications. Technologies: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, XML, HTML, jQuery.

  • Web Developer & IT Manager - VelTravel Romania

    Maintenance of old system/website. Develop a new website to include more Travel Providers and a custom platform, ongoing development. Technologies: PHP, Smarty, MySQL, SOAP, XML, HTML, jQuery.

  • Web Developer - Perfect Tour Romania

    Web & Desktop applications, voucher cards, newsletter application, medical insurances (Generali API), payment solutions (PayU), intranet applications, websites (www.perfect-tour.ro, www.perfect-tour.ru, www.perfect-tour.md, www.perfect-tour.bg, www.perfect-tour.com, www.perfect-tour.com.ua). Technologies: PHP, Smarty, MySQL, MsSQL, SOAP, XML, HTML, jQuery, script.aculo.us.

  • Web Developer - LPADSLP Romania (Non-governmental organization)

    Programming and maintaning websites: www.ministerul-funny.ro, www.politic-tv.ro. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, script.aculo.us.

  • Web Developer - PHG Romania

    Programming and maintaning videosharing website - 2xtremeboom.phg.ro (Full CMS)

  • Web Developer - Six Flags over Georgia (US)

    Employee Management - web application - CMS based on multiple levels of administration. Servers management - web application - monitoring servers, webcams and personal computers. Ticket application based on XMLs and barcodes. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, script.aculo.us.

  • Web Developer - DexterNet Romania

    Developed and maintained multiple gaming websites and servers: www.lineage.ro (payments with PayPal, PagSeguro, PayU), www.muonline.ro. Multiple websites and CMS's: www.verticalonline.ro, Web application for a dental clinic, Auto Parking Application. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MsSQL, HTML, XML, jQuery, script.aculo.us.

Mihai Iorga